Tracy A. Burns has lived in the Czech lands for more than 20 years and has spent a great deal of time traveling throughout the country and beyond. She publishes articles, essays and stories in English, Czech and Slovak. Her writings in English have appeared in The Washington Post, The Prague Post, Czech Business Weekly, Prague Leaders Magazine, Kosmas and others. She has many travel articles on the Prague blog of Private Prague Guide. Her articles for Czech Radio are also on the Internet. Her work in Czech has been printed in Reflex, Listy, Literární noviny, Lidové noviny and numerous other publications. Her articles in Slovak have been published in the daily SME, the former bi-weekly Mosty and the weekly Literární noviny, for instance. She is also a proofreader and editor. She is a contributing author to the book The Arena Adventure (Arena Stage Press, 1990). She has also edited an art catalogue for Prague’s National Gallery.


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  1. I liked your blogs on Slatinany and Zleby very much.
    Just one small correction to the family history of the Auersperg owners: the family did not die out with Ferdinand, last surviving son of Franz Josef; Franz Josef Auersperg had two brothers, one of them my grandfather Eduard.
    After the Anschluss [1938] Austrian-owned estates could not be entailed [handed over tax free to the eldest living member of the family], and Karl Trauttmansdorff, married to the sister of the unmarried heir Ferdinand Auersperg, claimed – and won – the Czech estates Zleby, Slatinany, Tupadly and Nassaberg in the name of his wife Marie after the unexpectedly early death of Ferdinand in 1942.
    However, as my grandfather and his numerous descendants were also Austrian at the end of the war, the estates would have been confiscated by the state in any case.
    The Czech state has been a superior custodian of the castles [except for Tupadly, which is in a sorry state] and has looked after them better than the family would have been able to considering their reduced circumstances after the war.
    January 2015
    J. Auersperg

    • Dear Mr. Auersperg, I am very pleased that you liked my articles. I am fascinated by both Zleby and Slatinany. Thank you very much for the correction, and thank you again for your kind words.

  2. Hi there!

    Hi there!

    My name is Jess and I’m a travel podcast producer and host based out of NYC with a company called BreakThruRadio. I’d love to have you on my show as a guest speaker to chat about your Czech adventures!

    If you’d be interested in speaking with me please send me a reply back along with some idea of availability over the next couple weeks.

    Thanks so much for your time and consideration!

    Jess Goulart

  3. Hi Tracy, Lena Knilli (my wife since 1999 and mother of my 2 daughters) and I are sitting in a cafe in Montpellier and just thinking of the rather remarkable people that we learned Czech with from pani Blahova way back
    when, including you. Great to see you are still connected with Praha. We have been living in Wien since 2001 (moved there from Prague), but remain in touch with friends in Prague and elsewhere. Best regards

    • Hi Andreas, I wrote to you on your office email address. It is great to hear from you and Lena. I just wrote to pani Blahova that you had contacted me, and she said to say hi. I keep in touch with her often. I will send you some of my feuilletons in Czech to your work email. I used to write in Czech for some magazines before I started focusing on travel writing in English.

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